Review Major & College Curriculumm via MyDegrees

  • What have you already completed?
  • What comes next…
    • What required courses?
    • Internships, fieldwork?
    • Minors, languages, certificates?
    • Elective courses?
    • Clubs or other campus involvements?
    • How can you work to make sure these varied experiences and requirements are meaningful?
  • If you’re still deciding on a major, run a “What If” scenario in MyDegrees
  • Connect with faculty and advisors

Remaining Bacc Core Categories:

  • A WR II course?
  • A Difference Power & Discrimination (DPD) course?
  • Synthesis?
  • Others?

Financial Literacy

  • Develop (or update) your financial plan: Consider this Step by Step worksheet (developed by OSU's Financial Literacy Resource Council).
    • Here is a SAMPLE of a Completed worksheet.
  • Consider your Financial Literacy relative to Financial Aid
  • Consider enrolling in BA 140 to learn the fundamentals of personal finance.

Social Responsibility