The Transfer Student Living room is designed to give transfer students a space on campus to relax between classes, study with friends, and build a community.  This space is for all transfer students - those living both on- and off-campus. 

Located on first floor of Halsell Hall (facing south, towards Arnold Dining Hall) - this space is available Monday – Friday, with doors unlocked 7am through 9pm.  

Come use the study tables with whiteboard, or relax in the social area equipped with couch, chairs, and a television!  The attached kitchen has a small refrigerator, sink, stove top, and over for students to use!  Additionally, two bathrooms (one with a shower) are also available in this space.

See Transfer Student Living Room calendar below for upcoming Transfer Student Events! 

Questions? Want more information? Contact Erin Mulvey, Transfer Transitions Coordinator.

Want to reserve the Transfer Student Living Room for an event?  Contact Brittany Griffin, Halsell Hall Area Director.