College Experiences

  • What courses have you enjoyed? Why?
  • Where and when did you find the most success?
  • As you entered, what were your expectations for college (academically, socially, etc.) and how has your experience been different from your expectations?
  • Beyond (outside) the classroom, what have you enjoyed about college so far?

College Skills Assessment

  • Was there anything you weren’t prepared for in college?
  • With what did you struggle?
    • Study Habits
    • Time Management
    • Writing
    • Mathematics
    • Other areas/things
    • Nothing
  • When it comes to studying, what did you figure out works well for you?
  • What resource(s) did you use?
  • Which areas still need to improve? Do you know where to get help?


  • How have you changed over the last year?
  • How have your goals or interest shifted or solidified?
  • What do you need to do as a result?