Each of OSU’s undergraduate colleges and academic programs has unique procedures for declaring majors in their area. Here is guide to help you understand these various processes.

College of Agricultural Sciences

  1. If major is known, go directly to the departmental lead advisor's office to receive advising.
  2. After receiving advising, change-of-major paperwork will be completed during the appointment.
  3. Students must be in Good Academic Standing to declare, which includes a minimum cumulative 2.0 OSU GPA. Example, if a student has a 2.30 OSU cumulative GPA, but their record shows Academic Warning (individual term below 2.00 GPA), they will not be able to declare until they return to Good Standing.
  4. If unsure about a major, make an appointment with someone in the Academic Programs Office in Strand 147.

College of Business

  1. Design and Business students are advised in 122 Austin Hall.
  2. Students interested in pursuing a business major or a design major must complete an online major orientation.
  3. Once the student has reviewed the orientation, they must meet with an advisor who will review them for eligibility and declare the new major as appropriate. To set up an appointment students may either call 541-737-3716 or stop by 122 Austin Hall.
  4. Students interested in Apparel Design or Interior Design must apply to those studio based majors once they meet the eligibilty requirements.
  5. Non-business majors and minors are encouraged to meet with a College of Business advisor any time throughout the term other than during priority registration.

College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Science

  1. Students need to schedule an advising appointment to declare.
  2. No restrictions to declare.

College of Engineering

  1. First-Year student would go to 114 Johnson Hall to declare.
  2. Second year students and beyond would go directly to the school advising offices to declare the major.
  3. Chemical, Biological, Environmental Engineering
  4. Civil and Construction Engineering Management
  5. Ecological Engineering
  6. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  7. Mechanical, Industrial, Manufacturing, and Energy Systems Engineering
  8. Nuclear Engineering and Radiation Health Physics
  9. Student must meet with an advisor prior to having the forms signed/process triggered.
  10. Any student beyond the first-year cannot declare a pre-engineering or general engineering. All transfer students and readmitted students will go directly into their major. 

College of Education

  1. Attend a required Declaration Meeting. Times and locations listed on the website
  2. Talk with your primary degree advisor. Focus on completing your primary degree. 
  3. Complete the required Pre-Ed classes (15 credits
  4. Review the content mastery courses needed by your endorsement area
  5. Drop-in Peer Advising: Furman, 406. 
  6. Head Academic Advising by appointment only: Contact CoED Student Services: 541-737-4661

College of Forestry

  1. Students wanting an overview of all COF majors may schedule an appointment with Autumn Granger.
  2. Students interested in a specific major within Forestry should schedule an appointment with a major advisor. Change-of-major paperwork will be completed during the appointment.

College of Liberal Arts

  1. Go to the College of Liberal Arts Student Services office in Bexell 214 to declare.
  2. No GPA restrictions to declare, except for Liberal Studies & Digital Communication Arts – but to graduate may need to repeat any D’s in a major
  3. To declare Liberal Studies, you must have a cumulative 2.0 GPA and you must submit a Liberal Studies plan of study for approval
  4. Digital Communication Arts (DCA), requires a cumulative 2.0 GPA to enter the program.
    • Students interested in declaring DCA need to meet with an advisor ahead of a potential switch into the major.
      • FR/SO students should go to Bexell 214 to declare
      • JR/SR students should meet with Anelise Montan in 108 Shepard Hall
  5. Art, pre-Graphic Design, see Felix Oliveros in 300 Fairbanks Hall 
  6. Music, see Kristin Rorrer in 300 Fairbanks

College of Public Health and Human Sciences

  1. Students interested in changing or adding a major in Public Health and Human Sciences should schedule an appointment with a major advisor. The Change-of-major process will be completed during the appointment.
  2. PHHS minors: PHHS allows students to apply to add the minors (Nutrition, Public Health, Environmental & Occupational Health, Human Development & Family Sciences, Health Management & Policy, and Exercise Physiology) through an on-line process
  3. PHHS programs require an overall OSU GPA of 2.0 to declare and a C- or better in any coursework already taken for the major/minor. Some programs incorporate higher GPA requirements (see MyDegrees or department websites).

College of Science (includes Pre-Pharmacy majors)

  1. No restrictions to declare, except in CHEM. The Chemistry department requires that students must be in Good Academic Standing to be able to declare their major.
  2. Student should contact Lead Advisor within the major for intake and signature.


  1. Go to 102 Waldo to schedule a change of major appointment
  2. A student must meet with a full-time advisor to declare in UESP.
  3. No restrictions to declare, but students need to schedule and see an advisor every term before they can register.

Double Degrees, Dual Majors, Honors Degrees, Certificates

Registrar’s website 9/25/2015