OSU has designated "Learning through Advising" as a signature area in the First-Year Experience of our undergraduates. The First-Year Advising Syllabus is designed to help OSU first-year students understand key learning experiences, resources, and obligations we want them to encounter, complete, and consider in their first year. Here is a direct link to the electronic copy of the First-Year Advising Syllabus (PDF). This User's Guide provides support to OSU advisors as they operationalize and utilize the syllabus in their advising interactions with first-year students. These links provide you direct access to User's Guide content. 

1. Advising appointments provide advisors with excellent opportunties to assess how students are progressing in their understanding and achievement of the key learning moments and experiences outlined in the syllabus. Read more here about ideas on how to assess student learning in advising (PDF).

2. One measure of direct assessment is prompting student to act and reflect on these key learning moments and reflect. Check out these action and reflection prompts that are provided as fillable PDF's for advisors who want to assign them as homework or activities to be completed during the appointment.

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